New 4,000 SF residence in the Greyrock section between Rye and Port Chester, NY, overlooking the Long Island Sound.
Three stories of modular construction reduced the overall construction cost.  Close design coordination with the owner and contractor give this a custom home "feel" nonetheless.

in progress-new residence, harbor drive, port chester, ny
First Floor with all rooms facing the water views.Second floor plan-Master Suite & 2 bedrooms with bathroomThird Floor-2nd Master Suite
with Sitting Area & StorageArrival side of house (front).Rear side of house facing the water views.
Side view with 3-level porch.First section of third floor being lowered into place.Close-up view of  3rd floor boxes being placed. Next box being lifted from the trailer behind thefence.
Note the interior of the boxes delivered, sheetrocked, primed, doors with hardware, recessed lighting in the ceiling, complete.Second box lowered into place.Third floor in place and roof felted.Boxes come with doors and windows installed and wrapped in "Tyvek" ready for siding and trim on-site.Boxes were shipped with exterior balconies attached.Finished view from the water.Close-up view with new siding, roof shingles and railings.Close-up of balconies.Side view.